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So... - You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!!
The awesome life of someone in the helping profession...and stuff.
Just wondering what it would take for my world to come crashing down. Went to the dermAtologist to set up an appointment to get that spot checked out on my left back shoulder. Needless to say I have been exceptionally gifted at scaring myself shitless about the worst case scenario this past weekend. If it weren't for my mother I think I would have driven myself insane by this point. But I guess I kind of started Thinking at this point that whatever happens, happens. I'm a little sick and tired of worrying and bawling over something I may have no control over at this stage. Meh. May not be anything but whatever. I have a date for this Thursday to see what that spot is. Also, sunburn is feeling much, MUCH better. Thank God.

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