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Hahaha... - You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!!
The awesome life of someone in the helping profession...and stuff.
I have to laugh at myself, otherwise I will go insane from the amount of failure!

Ok, so I had a job and was admitted to the masters program in counseling, and have gotten through 8 months of my career-focused job and 1 semester of community counseling. And guess what? I am MORE myserable and even MORE bitter than I have ever been in my entire life!! Hahaha!! See? This is why laughter is good, along with pain killers, happy hour and cigarettes...

So I quit my job a week ago. And completely abhorred it during the last 4 months of it. I felt very responsible, very grown-up, and very IN CONTROL of everything I did and who I did it with. School wasn't even a big issue because I hadn't even started a class by the time I was hired. I was going through the whole admissions process, paying fees, and enrolling in classes. Very "101" basics. And only 4 months into my job, I was happy that I was able to land something that actually required at least two year's experience and directly in the field of "psychology". My employers were very impressed with the high recommendations from my previous supervisors and professor (undegrad) that they felt I was well-equipped to do the job.

Then 6 months into it, I was crashing and burning. Maybe not immediately, but it was a slowly growing process were I began to notice that my success wasn't as pie-in-the-sky as I had thought. Reality set in and I realized, very slowly and with the help of a little more research and classes from community counseling, that this field had the highest turnover and burnout rates after 2 years. And that I absolutely hated it. It took me 8 months to feel the burn in the managed care system, and I also realized that there is no escaping it. Not even after my masters. And here I had high hopes that hard work would pay off after years of higher education and slightly degrading jobs to get by. Case management isn't that degrading, but I was still someone's bitch, which is a wee bit degrading. Now what?

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